Andrew was a photojournalist living in Brooklyn when he fell in love with Kathy, a schoolteacher from Long Island.

As the couple’s relationship grew, they began to document their journey, using Andrew’s experience and Kathy’s empathy to capture life’s special moments through photos and videos – parties, holidays, vacations – and to tell, in essence, the story of their lives together.

When Andrew and Kathy got married and started a family, the focus shifted to their children and the couple used their creativity to tell a new story – first steps, new experiences, birthdays. And as their own family grew, Andrew and Kathy began to share their expertise with other couples, to tell their stories, each one of them unique, of new love, magical engagements, and unforgettable weddings.

What was once a fun favor for a few friends has now become a small business. In this role, Andrew and Kathy strive to develop special relationships with every couple they work with, stressing accessibility and intimacy throughout the entire wedding process. They approach each couple’s story as if it were their own – with a careful blend of technical experience and diligent empathy.

Andrew and Kathy told their story – now let them tell your own.

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