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When it comes to weddings, finding the right music means finding the right ambience and energy to complement your wedding. Weddings connect people, and the right musician enhances that relationship, bringing people together through shared joy and festivities.

Musician Erik Mccormack is a funny, humble, and passionate singer with a talent for any occasion. As an entertainer, he is drawn toward the euphoria of celebration, and he uses his music to elevate it even further. “Weddings are fun; you’re rarely going to see a wedding party that’s not in the best of moods. Everyone is super happy, super excited…and you get to cater your music [to that mood].” Tailoring music to the couple’s request gives him flexibility to interact with the crowd and build off their energy.

What sets him apart from other musicians is his voice: Erik is a trained singer. “Most people you see are guitar/singers and I’m a singer/guitarist,” he says. With a background in Broadway—performing in both 1776 and Tom Sawyer—Erik draws from his skills and experience to entertain the wedding crowd.

He also uses looping during his sets, utilizing software to record music and playback in real time, allowing him to sing harmony with his own voice, guitar, and piano. Combined with a unique song selection that fits the bride and groom, Erik’s musical artistry makes any song special for each couple.

Being flexible and knowing what song from the brides and groom’s selection would best fit each moment is his forte. Typically, a couple of weeks before the wedding, he meets with the couple and listens to tracks and tailors his set based off the selection. While couples have over 250/300 songs to choose from, he gets a lot of requests from the same popular tracks. “Over the Rainbow”, “Marry Me”, “Collide’’ are some of the staple requests that brides love.

Most of all though, he uses his music to create joy. “I like doing fun stuff, making people happy and watching people enjoying themselves, tapping their feet—they don’t even realize they’re doing it, and that’s a good feeling.”

Check him out on Facebook/erikmccormackmusic and — “Don’t worry be happy”


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