Rachel + Joe

On a gorgeous spring day, May 7, 2016, Rachel Pannullo and Joseph Schepis celebrated their marriage in an elegant ceremony among family and friends, with the Montauk Yacht club as their backdrop—a place both have grown to cherish. While Joe spent his summers growing up in Montauk, the bride and groom have developed a special fondness and appreciation for the town as their own relationship grew: Aside from the breathtaking views, cozy autumns, and perfect beach days in the height of summer, Rachel noted that “perhaps more than anything else there is an energy there—the people, the ocean, the fishing, the forests—that make us feel like we’re lucky to be there every day.” Reuniting with loved ones year after year, discovering favorite local spots, and, ultimately, creating a nostalgic home away from home made for the ideal location to commit their lives to one another, forever.

With live music and dancing until the morning, their wedding night was a mixture of rowdiness and love in abundance, from husband to wife, mother to daughter, and everything in between: the couple wrote a personalized note on each placecard to every guest, commemorating those relationships and celebrating them as they enter their next adventure as husband and wife. In addition to traditional favors, the couple made a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in support of the bride’s mother, who had leukemia and a bone marrow transplant almost four years ago.

Witnessing such an intimate, emotional event and capturing those sacred, raw, and vulnerable moments throughout the night, demonstrate, as Rachel eloquently states, that “…it was a day full of laughter, Coors Lights, stolen touches, champagne, small smiles, dancing, and unequivocal LOVE all around.”

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