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Our Style

We have worked very hard to create our own unique special brand of wedding photography.

As award winning photojournalists our goal is to capture the emotions, moments, and details of your day.

We believe in the motto "document don't dictate" , this is the best way we can describe our approach to storytelling.

We find that posing is very important during family portraits, however, but we find the method of candid photography are essential to capture your moments.

We also choose to use little to no flash photography, as we feel available lighting is most natural.

Being discrete is most important for our video team.

We take a documentary type approach to our wedding videos. Our setup is compact and unobtrusive, no tripods in aisles or lights in your eyes. Our goal is to create a vibe where we blend in the background, like a fly on the wall, and work with you to create the best experience possible for you and your guests.

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