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Crescent Beach Club wedding in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. Beach weddings can be done all year round at this venue. Yellow House Images captured this bride and groom in a romantic autumn wedding day. The photography here is natural and not posed. The bride and groom are surrounded by nature. Wedding photography is the most important component to a special day, as these images are what will be seen forever.

Bayville, NY is a great place for a wedding as it isn't too far from NYC airports and a great little town. This elegant bride and her handsome groom had a great Indian-summer day. The images captured by Yellow House photographers made for a spectacular wedding album. long Island brides are always happy with the photographers and videographers from Hello House images. They are true professionals and artists, capturing candid moments and beautiful wedding imagery throughout the big day.

Couples portrait sessions during the wedding day are perhaps the most intimate moments for a couple on their big day. It gives the bride and groom some time away form the party to share some reflective and romantic moments together. Yellow house photographers are photo journalists, documenting the day with as little intrusion as possible, and it shows in images such as this one.