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Drone photography is a staple to our camera equipment and has become an essential tool. We do not believe that drones are a gimmick, especially when used properly. A photo like the one here is a great example of how to set up and execute a proper birds eye aerial. Before the use of drones, we would never be able to get a photo like this. We especially like the drone for video. It is a great way to have opening swooping shoots showing scenery and venues. We typically do no run drones during ceremonies because they are very loud. The couple seen walking here are at the flowe field in Avalon Park in Stony Brook, New York. This location is a hidden gem for me. It is tough to find a lot of open nature preserves for wedding photography in Long Island. Avalon Park is especially beautiful in June and July when the yellow wild flowers are the longest. This was a good location to get to quickly from the Three Village Inn. There are a lot of options for wedding photography locations in Stony Brook. Besides Avalon seen here, there are the Stony Brook Museums which offer a colonial rustic look. There is also the Story Brook harbor for more nautical photos.

Location: 86 W Meadow Rd, Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733.