Upstate New York Wedding Photography
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Upstate New York Wedding Photography

I almost never use a wide angle lens when shooting wedding portraits. Sometimes, i break that rule when I see a very scenic view of nature. Here we see a lone tree at Meadowburn Farm in Sussex County New Jersey. The farm is located on the border of New York and New Jersey so it is essentially a Catskills farm weddings. I do think a wide portraits can make for a great print to hang in your home. Most bride and grooms are so overwhelmed on their wedding day they might not get a chance to take in everything. A nice wide picture of the sky with a couple composed small in the frame can help capture a moment you missed. This was taken with my Nikon D5 and 24 1.4mm lens. It was shot at f5 to bring out all the depth of field from trees to the mountains. The Meadowburn Farm in Sussex County New Jersey is a beautiful venue. A great option that is a short drive from New York City but can still give you a farm rustic vibe to your wedding. They even let the couple take a golf cart out to drive around to different locations on the huge farm.

Location: 42 Meadowburn Rd #32, Vernon Township, NJ 07462.