The Wedding Shoes
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The Wedding Shoes

Pictures of the wedding shoes are very important to all brides. A bride's wedding footwear is as important as the dress. All wedding details matter in wedding photography, here a sharp, precise shot of the brie'd shoes will surely make the album. Designer footwear is classic, timeless and any fashion girl knows is a wise decision. Bradley Midgchka is a top designer choice amongst long island brides.

Yellow House Images captured this shoe shot using a Nikon D5 and a 50mm lens. This juxtaposition between designer shoes and a scuffed, beautiful old wood floor make for a unique picture as both details are very real to the wedding day. The photo journalists who work at yellow house are very documentarian and are always finding creative ways to balance the details and shots for the day.

Details are super important in wedding photography. Getting all of the details that the bride, her bridesmaids, and her family put into that day show that we care and appreciate our clients. The wedding business is about more than just money, it's about family and uniting two people in love. The photography produced by Yellow House Images is always real and true to tell a story of their wedding day. It's a picture story that Yellow House Images tells through their craft photography and journalism.